Sunday, February 10, 2013

Feb. 8, 2013: Streetreach notes

We have a big turn out tonight of volunteers, including a team from out of town and a news crew, fifteen in all. That is a nice number to divide into two cars with a couple left behind to intercede with prayer.
The teams are taking out roses and chocolate, thanks for volunteer R, who graciously donated the gifts. A local community partner has given us sack lunches to pass out which contain a sandwich, chips, soda, string cheese and applesauce.
We opened with prayer. It's pouring rain outside! There is a lot of discussion on the week's events. We worked with another local group regarding locations of trafficked women and prostitutes and uncovered a location that may be a Streetreach destination in the future. Two women called the National Human Trafficking Hotline this week for help. We were able to assist one but there is still a second one out there in need of rescue, should we be able to find her. After CLAP time (I call it that: Confess, Lament, Acknowledge, Praise) we worshipped to two songs and went out.
By this time, it has stopped raining, but the prayer team asks God for the tires of the vehicles to stick to the road like glue. No hydroplaning!
At Hotel One, only one young girl was working with long black curly hair. She did not give her name but accepted a rose and candy.
We ran into Nancy, one of our favorite girls on Union. She is probably one of the most lovely girls you could meet, with a dazzling smile and famously long legs. She is 28 years old and has been working since she was 17. She spends a lot of time talking to the reporter. Early on, she made $300 in fifteen minutes and thought that this would be a good way to make a living for herself. So far, it has paid off: she now works for herself and is out there by choice, a rarity. She works exclusively on the street, supporting herself and an extended family. She has her own apartment and a car. She practices "safe" sex, doesn't drink or take drugs. No one close to her knows what she does and she doesn't socialize with other women on the street. She has been beaten and robbed in the past, but doesn't feel a need to get out of the business just yet. So far the fat lady is silent, but if prostitution becomes legalized, she will buy everyone champagne.
Amber was nearby at Hotel Two. Unlike Nancy, Amber is scared and did not want to talk very much. She has three children that live with her grandma in Los Angeles. She was arrested on Wednesday, and is afraid that the law enforcement are cracking down more.
On the east side of Union we ran into Melissa, who wore a jean jacket and a blue flower bonnet on her hair. She does not want prayer or a lunch.
Fantavia is our next meet up. She and her friend, Brittany are both wearing brown sweatshirts. Brittany tells us that she prays everyday.
We then see Tanya, who has an afro, and her friend, Vicki, who is brightly color-coordinated in a white coat and white jeans, orange shirt and orange heels. Team member N's jaw drops open when he hears Vicki's name; God specifically TOLD him, "watch out for Vicki."
Tanya accepts food for her sister. Vicki asks for prayers for protection.
Our last girl seen tonight are Victoria in a white sweater and Zamiah in a black sweater, who ask for protection prayers. They are both very receptive to a rose and chocolates. Victoria needs to earn five racks ($5000). This is depressing to hear because it implies that she either has a quota to meet for a pimp or she is trying to impress one.
Back at the base, we all talk about the evening's successes and failures. We need suggestions on how to do things differently to make more of a difference. We pray out and ask for the veil to be lifted from Nancy's eyes.
It is a productive night.

A valentine's Streetreach poem, according to James

Jesus, be a Valentine for each woman.
Lord, reveal to these ladiess that you are the Ultimate Gentleman.
You never force yourself upon them. Show them that.
Show them that You gaves Yourself for them without any cost to them.
Show them the contrast between Yourself and their pimp:
You gave, they take.
You love, they lust.
You build them up, they tear them down.
You sacrificed Yourself for them, they sacrifice for themselves.
You ask for ten percent, they want ninety percent, if not all.
You are as tender as a lamb, they can be as hard as a rock.
You pray for them, they prey on them.
You offer them a bright future, they remind them of their dark past.
You give them Truth, they give lies.
You have everything, they have nothing.
--2/8/13, James

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Gift Bag Donations Ideas

Magdalene Hope accepts donations of the following items for our gift bags:

a love note of encouragement
nail polish
hair accessories
hard candy
fast food cards

to name a few.

Any number of these items is fine and mainly whatever God puts on your heart. Be led by His Spirit.
We go out the second and fourth Fridays of each month and distribute the bags.

Magdalene Hope
P.O. Box 2631
Bakersfield, CA 93303

Superbowl Sunday

Today is Superbowl Sunday, just a game, albeit an exciting one.
A crappy statistic to happily debunk is the one that says that Superbowl Sunday is a day of increased domestic violence.
That is not true, according to
Nevertheless, it never hurts to remember to keep your priorities straight, since it's just a game.
Tomorrow the Superbowl will be over, but your friends, family and God will remain. Treat them with respect.
Enjoy the day! Have fun! Don't drink or eat too much. Most of all, be safe.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

About Us

Magdalene Hope is a ministry founded in Bakersfield, CA by Pastor Doug Bennett in 2007. We are an outreach ministry that shares the Gospel and the Good News with men and women trapped in the commercial sex industry. In an attempt to regularly record notes from out Street Reaches, we have started this blog in hopes that others may see what we do and can pray for those who cannot speak up for themselves.